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About Us


The Local Label Lookbook showcases the best international emerging and artisanal designers in various fashion sectors through in-depth editorial features and beautiful photographic spreads, introducing them to an extensive network of independent retailers and buyers worldwide. The Lookbook is offered in digital B2B or consumer editions that can be viewed on your tablet, kindle or computer, as well as in a print version that is available on request.


I am a long-standing fashion journalist and former Managing Editor of the Best of Intima, North America's most important trade magazine for the corporate intimate apparel sector;  my other credits include Intimoda Russia, Intima Asia, NBC/Universal and Canada's Wdish Network. I have over a decade of in-depth editorial experience scouting new talent, analyzing market trends, and comprehending the needs of local retailers. Most editorial space is given to big-dollar advertiser brands or blogger-reviews-in-exchange-for-free-samples, and I created the Lookbook to even the playing field by giving talented smaller labels a fighting chance to showcase their creativity based solely on merit and artistry. 


Our primary goal is to synergize commercial opportunities between artisanal designers and independent retailers, as well as to revitalize the main-street shopping experience, promote ethical fashion labels and foster a grassroots sense of community and mutual support in the fashion sector. By finding each other and working together, artisanal designers and independent retailers can create a sustainable, healthy economic ecosystem that fights the crushing hegemony of the Global Megabrands, Fast Fashion, and Big Retail.

Most of all, we are here to help designers and retailers bring true creativity and a unique vision to the consumer – and the world.


Michelle Perrin

Founder and Editor-in-Chief


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