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Value for Designers


The Local Label Lookbook is a business-to-business digital publication that offers designers exposure to an exhaustive list of retailers and buyers worldwide. We offer in-depth, custom profile features, as well as other low-cost ways for designers to reach out to independent shop owners and consumers through press releases and our core publication. It is extremely hard for artisanal designers to get the word out, due to the prohibitive cost of advertising and trade show attendance, and the Local Label Lookbook is the only publication that exists solely to support designers in a way that is effective and sustainable. We also offer a consumer edition for even further visibility.

Gain Exposure to the Best Hand-Selected Sector Retailers Worldwide, as well as International Consumers


Each edition of the Local Label Lookbook will be offered to thousands of the world's most successful, unique sector retailers worldwide. Each retailer is hand-selected and approved by our staff. As the Lookbook is released by sector, your profile will be highly targeted to those shops interested in selling your designs. 


The Local Label Lookbook is also available for the general public via our consumer edition, offering you even greater exposure.


Low-Cost Press Releases


Do you have news you would like to share in-between issues of the Lookbook? The Local Label Lookbook offers low-cost highly-targeted press releases that are distributed to our international network of top-tier independent retailers and buyers for $99 per sector for each release. We can also help you write and format your release for the nominal charge of $75.


Forge Long-term Connections


To stay fresh, magazines and blogs must always feature new designers, which can make it hard for a designer to keep the buzz going after a major feature profile. We want designers to maintain long-term visibility with our retailer-readers by offering affordable ways to connect with retailers and consumers – a lot cheaper, more informative and fairer than the typical $5,000 for an advertisement in the trade press or a tradeshow booth.


Showcase Your Uniqueness and Professionalism


Many retailers are afraid to stock emerging designers because they are afraid they will not be able to deliver high-quality goods in a timely and professional manner. The Local Label Lookbook profiles not only the clothes, but also the designer, so retailers will get a better sense of your all-around business skills, allowing them to connect with you on a human level and build trust.


The Local Label Lookbook will also allow you to communicate the services you offer retailers that a major brand can't such as in-store appearances, special collections, couture garments, and any other innovative idea you would like to share in order to promote mutual entrepreneurship.


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