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B2B Edition for Independent Retailers, Buyers and Industry Professionals


Many retailers and buyers want to stock a larger selection of artisanal designers but have a hard time scouting them out. We bring you the most professional and trustworthy emerging designers and also make sure to clearly explain exactly what "local" means for each item sold: sourced, manufactured, etc.


The Lookbook not only showcases the designers but also their entire local communities. This gives you lots of engaging content to post on your Facebook feed and or use as an in-store selling technique.


We also help you by releasing Lookbooks by sector; if you are a lingerie retailer, for example, you do not need to wade through pages of ready-to-wear in order to find a handful of intimate apparel designers – we have an edition just for you.


The Lookbook is not only to be flipped through for its stunning photographs and visuals, but is also a fascinating read. Each Lookbook brings sector-specific information, including:


  • Designer Profiles highlighting the artist, their atelier and their local community

  • Buying Guide highlighting a designer's current offering, including detailed information on sourcing and manufacturing and how to order 

  • Sustainability and Sourcing Guide for each designer

  • Local Insider Hangouts Find out where designers go to eat, socialize and get inspired in their town. Discover the best in local from the locals themselves. 

  • Interviews and Business Tips from industry leaders on what you need to know to succeed

  • In-depth Explorations on the latest sector trends

  • Profiles on Icons of independent retail and design

  • Features on New Independent Retailers

  • Articles on the History of Fashion and how it affects the culture around us

  • Reviews of Fashion-Related Exhibitions from the world's top museums


We offer Lookbooks for the following sectors:


  • Lingerie

  • Bed & Bath

  • Activewear & Athleisure

  • Loungewear & Legwear

  • Swim & Beachwear

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