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Value for Retailers


The Local Label Lookbook offers retailers in-depth profiles of the best artisanal designers, as well as interviews and opinions from industry leaders, to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and increase profits.  We scout out the hottest, most professional artisanal labels worldwide so you can focus on selling.

Fight Showrooming and Deep Discounting


Are you tired of customers using your shop to try on clothes only to go and order them online? You can fight showrooming by offering unique one-of-a-kind garments by talented artisanal designers that can't be found anywhere on the web.
Chain retailers will always beat you on price, so why sell the same premium brands they do? By selling artisanally made clothes, you offer your clients stunning pieces that are also rare finds – giving you a competitive edge against deep discounting. If you want people to shop local, give them something special by selling local.  


Attract Customers with Unique Products and Services Year-Round


Artisanal designers are small, flexible and adaptive, so they can offer you and your clients personalized services and offerings that would be impossible by a behemoth megabrand. Designers that source and manufacture locally can offer your store not only limited editions, capsule collections, or one-of-a-kind unique garments, but also services such as custom-made couture pieces for a particular client, in-store appearances, and clothing that addresses the distinct needs of  your local geographic area in terms of size, color, and the like; after all, do you really need those winter collection colorways and fabrics in Southern Florida?


Learn About the Designer and Their Community as Well as Their Designs: An Invaluable Story-Telling Sales Tool


Unlike the traditional fashion press, the Local Label Lookbook gives you an in-depth editorial and photographic look at the designer as well as their creations – information you can use as an invaluable sales tool to engage clients. You get a glimpse into a designer's workshop, meet their suppliers and colleagues, discover their favorite neighbourhood hangouts and the local artists that inspire them. You get a sense of the philosophy and craftsmanship that goes into creating each garment, and how every item of clothing tells the story of, and helps support, an entire community of dedicated, gifted people. You can share this knowledge with your customers, in-person and through social media, so they will have a more human and personal connection with their clothes. 


Increase Profits


Market analysts agree that today's discerning consumer wants to spend their disposable income on well-made, ethical fashions – unfortunately, these can be hard to find in the current marketplace. Premium consumers no longer use fashion to convey their social status but, instead, to be an active part of a sustainable community. The breath-taking, unique styles of a locally-sourced or manufactured designer displayed in your shopfront window or social media account will lure customers into your store – and keep them there.
We also bring you great editorial features from industry insiders that can help you maximize your store's profits.


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