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What's an Artisanal Designer?


An artisanal designer is not only the hot, new, up-and-coming creative, but also the more established independent label that locally sources / manufactures and is dedicated to traditional craftsmanship, as opposed to mass production. These labels tend to concentrate more on smaller runs, capsule collections, and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. They are frequently inspired by a a great bolt of fabric or some vintage buttons they find in their area. These brands often use the products and know-how of other craftspeople nearby, thereby helping build their regional economies and pass down artisanal heirloom traditions.


How Can Artisanal Designers Increase Your Store's Profits?


Market analysts agree that today's premium consumers are more likely to spend their disposable income buying fashions that are locally-sourced and artisanally crafted, instead of global megabrands. Each garment produced by an artisanal designer is not only a beautiful creation, but also tells the story of an entire sustainable community of local craftspeople – and you can share these stories with your customers via social media or at the point of sale.  Artisanal designers are not necessarily bound by the seasonal collection buying cycle, but instead, can offer your shop – and your clients – exciting fresh styles and custom services year round. Their unique, limited-run items cannot easily be found anywhere else except your store, helping you thrive in a highly competitive retail climate marked by deep discounts, aesthetic homogeny and showrooming.


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