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Value for Consumers


The Local Label Lookbook helps consumers find artisanal designers who source and manufacture locally. It is extremely hard for local designers to get the word out, due to the prohibitive cost of advertising, and the Local Label Lookbook is the only publication dedicated solely to promoting artisanal designers who locally source and manufacture. We see fashion as a form of wearable art, accessible to all, that helps the wearer convey their true identity and inner beauty to the world. Unlike other fashion magazines, we are here to inspire, not dictate. 

Finally a Fashion Magazine that Doesn't Make You Hate Yourself


We are here to inspire you to live creatively, as well as sustainably. So many fashion magazines are emotionally cold and aloof,  making you feel worse from reading them –  you will never be thin enough, pretty enough, rich enough. Real fashion, however, is far from superficial, because it helps people outwardly express their own unique identity and beauty. By reading the Lookbook, you will find designers that can help you unlock your own personal style. 


Support Sustainability


The Local Label Lookbook makes it easy to discover designers who source and manufacture local to their own regions. They help keep heirloom traditions of craftsmanship alive and make their local economies vibrant and healthy. By buying from an artisanal designer and independent retailer, you are not only keeping them in business, but also the restaurant where they eat lunch, the photographer who takes their photos or the band they go see live on Saturday night.


The Lookbook doesn't just show you pictures of pretty clothes (although there are plenty of those!) but also the faces and lives of the people you help succeed each time you buy artisanal clothing.


More than Just Clothes: Learn About the Designer, Their Creative Friends and Favorite Places to Hangout Locally


The Local Label Lookbook is part fashion magazine, part travel guide. You learn not only about clothes, but about the life of the designer, their friends and their greater community. You find out what it is like to be a creative professional, as well as scope out the hottest spots and most interesting cultural happenings from around the world – directly from that city's most creative young designers. 


Be Unique and Get Inspired!


Sure going on a shopping spree with your BFFs and buying a bunch of cheap, throwaway clothes is fun – but there is also a price, both in terms of sustainability and looking the same as everyone else. Learn to shop smaller and curate your own unique look! Get inspired to unlock your own creativity and entrepreneurial ambitions by learning about the lives of artisanal designers who are going against the odds to achieve their dreams. 


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