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Consumer Edition for Fashion Lovers and Students


We also offer a pared-down, lower-cost version for people who do not need all the industry details, but are still interested in learning about ethical, locally sourced fashion and who want to support artisanal designers and independent retailers. 


The Local Label Lookbook is part fashion magazine, part travel guide. You learn not only about clothes, but can discover out the hottest spots and most interesting cultural happenings from around the world – directly from that city's most creative young designers.


The Lookbook is not only to be flipped through for its stunning photographs and visuals, but is also a fascinating read. Just for starters, each Lookbook brings:


  • Designer Profiles highlighting the artist, their atelier and their local community

  • Local Insider Hangouts Find out where designers go to eat, socialize and get inspired in their town. Discover the best in local from the locals themselves 

  • Photos of some of the most original clothes on the market. Many of these pieces are limited edition or one-of-a-kind – and not as expensive as you would think

  • Profiles on Icons of independent retail and design to inspire you in your own dreams

  • Features on New Independent Retailers Shop local!

  • Articles on the History of Fashion and how it affects the culture around us

  • Reviews of Fashion-Related Exhibitions from the world's top museums


We offer Lookbooks for the following sectors:


  • Lingerie

  • Bed & Bath

  • Activewear & Athleisure

  • Loungewear & Legwear

  • Swim & Beachwear

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